iPhone 3.2 SDK for iPad goes Gold Master

Apple has released the final Gold Master (GM) seed of iPhone 3.2 SDK for iPad, get it now via developer.apple.com:

iPhone SDK 3.2 GM Seed is now available. Starting today, all iPad apps submitted must be built using this release.All members of the iPhone Developer Program can submit their iPad apps to iTunes Connect for review and approval. If you did not submit your app during the initial review period, but upload it by March 31, it will be reviewed but may not make the grand opening of the iPad App Store.Make sure you read the iPhone SDK GM Seed Release Notes before installing and developing with this release.

Furthermore, 9to5Mac notes that an additional email has gone out to developers telling them they need those final apps in for approval by March 31, 5pm PDT. Any time after that and there's no guarantees your app will be in there for launch.

(And hey, if you want to help TiPb out with coverage of your iPad app,

Submit final iPad app

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