iPhone activations see huge spike on Christmas day, significant increase in App Store downloads

Apple's iOS device activation numbers spiked 353% on Christmas Day. In addition, app sales jumped 252% after millions of people opened their new iPhone 4S, iPad 2 and iPod touch and headed straight for the App Store.

Estimates from Flurry Analytics peg iOS and Android device activations averaging around 1.5 million per day, but Christmas day saw around 6.8 million devices activated.

In terms of App Store and Android Market downloads, estimates suggest the number of apps purchased on Christmas day more than doubled from 108 million downloads per day in December, all the way up to roughly 242 million downloads across iOS and Android devices.

To make things interesting, Localytics also issued a report indicating a 15 fold increase in iOS device activations, with the iPod touch seeing as high as a 21 fold jump (most likely due to the low cost of entry into the iOS ecosystem). This contrasts the difference between how analysis of sales and App Store purchases are calculated, but the main point remains the same.

In short: Apple had a huge day on Christmas.

Source: Flurry, Localytics

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