App Avalanche 5 promises more new, popular and free apps to check out and download to your iPhone at your whim. What you WON'T get is any mention of apps costing $999 -- these apps are far more affordable and useful. If you don't have the time to sift through hundreds of apps at the iTunes App Store, just take a look here for a summary. Read on for iPhone App Avalanche 5! ## New Picoli, from Thorsten Lubinski of Alazar GmbH & co. KG, is photo retouch app for you iPhone. No longer can you only do touch-ups to your photos on your Mac or PC! Thanks to an array of high-quality filters and sophisticated image processing algorithms, you can professional edit and improve your pictures. Get it here for $4.99. Carrie's Dots, from Chris and Charles Hanson, is an iPhone version of the old classic paper-and-pencil game, "Dots." For two players, it's great to engage in a spirited match while you're waiting for your food, your plane departure, or anything else. If your game is interrupted by either the event you're waiting for or a phone call, your game is saved and you can start where you left off. Get it here for FREE. PegJump, by Jerry Jones, is the iPhone version of the classic wooden board and peg puzzle game. For some reason, I usually encounter this game at restaurants. Start with one empty hole, then start jumping pegs over other pegs, removing the jumped peg, with the object being to end up with only one peg -- tougher than it sounds! Get it here for FREE. ## What's Hot Bubbles, from Jesse Grosjean, is all about getting your Lawrence Welk on. Manipulate the bubbles with your fingers, pop them, and listen with pure joy as you reminisce your childhood bubble-popping days. Somehow I suspect my fellow writers have already downloaded this and are steeped in the Zen of Bubble-Popping as I write. Get it for FREE right here. Lucky 7 Slots, by Griffin Technology, brings the excitement of Vegas video slots to your iPhone. What happens on your iPhone, STAYS on your iPhone. Place your bets and let the 7's spin. Your score is saved for the next time you play. Get it here for $1.99. Restaurant Nutrition, from Foundation Surgery Affiliates, is an app to help you view nutritional information for numerous restaurants, fast-food or otherwise, to assist you in your personal diet. The app will also help you locate the desired restaurant. Know what's in your food, because after all, you ARE what you EAT! Get it here for FREE. ## Top Paid Apps Face Melter, by Nico Becherer, is an app that allows you to take advantage of your iPhone's multi-touch screen and pinch and pull your photos to look how you like, then save the results. Import photos, use photos from your Camera Roll, or take a new photo and get started melting some faces! Get it here for $1.99. Tip, from Carlos Perez, is a simple app for determining the tip amount you wish to leave a server at your favorite restaurant or other activity. Set the percentage, the number of people dining, then the amount of the bill and let this app do the rest. Your settings are saved for the next time you use the app. Get it here for .99 cents. MobileChat, from Shaun Harrison, is an instant messaging app for the iPhone and iPod Touch. It supports ICQ/AIM/.Mac/MobileMe, WindowsLive/MSN, Yahoo, GTalk, and Jabber. You can be online with multiple chat accounts at the same time, and if you lose connectivity, this app will keep your connections live until you can reconnect with EDGE, 3G, or WiFi. Get it here for $2.99. ## Top Free Apps Tris, from James Addyman and JamSoft, is a port of that ever-famous work-productivity-killer, Tetris. Drag pieces around to where you need them to drop, then tap to rotate them into place. Interrupted by an incoming call or text? No problem. Your game is saved. Submit your high score online to compete with your friends. Get it for FREE right here. Cannon Challenge, by Discovery Interactive Technology, is very similar to the classic artillery video games you may have played in the pass. Adjust elevation and velocity to lob a projectile at your target. Your aim (if it's good enough) is to destroy! Each subsequent level becomes increasingly difficult, with more targets, higher-value targets, and some targets requiring precise timing to destroy. Get it here for FREE. Simplify Media, from Dmitry Dolinsky of Simplify Media, Inc., is an app for listening to your home computer music collection right on your iPhone, no file transferring required! Stream music from up to 30 friends as well. This app works over WiFi and EDGE/3G and is FREE to the first 100,000 iPhone users, so download today for FREE right here. That's it for the iPhone App Avalanche 5.  Be sure to stop by next week for another Avalanche of Apps!