iPhone Beats Palm Pre at Air Travel?

iPhone vs. Palm Pre combat and comparison is nothing new, but is smartphones' newest rivalry ready to take to the skies? Ars Technica certainly thinks so:

Ultimately, traveling with the Pre made me want my iPhone back

Though user-changeable, battery life on the Palm Pre was cited as one of the biggest disadvantages, draining rapidly under the onslaught of the famed Synergy and Card systems, and dying in just 30 min. of Sprint TV viewing(?!). Lack of Apps was another.

Far from negative, however, the article gives Palm lots of suggestions to help the troubled Pre traveller out. (Ours, of course, would be actually getting that iPhone back).

[Thanks to Icebike for the tip!] If you have any travel tips of your own to share, drop them in the comments!

Rene Ritchie

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