'Tis the season to be gifting and with iPhone and iPad being pretty much the perfect travel companions, there will be lots of vacationers to shop for this year. That means not only devices like iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad all wrapped up and ready to go, but all the great apps and accessories that go with them. Do you know someone special who'll be traveling over the holidays? If so, here's TiPb helpful holiday gift guide!

Don't need anything for a traveler? Check out the recommendations anyway, something great might still catch your eye. If not, no worries, we'll have plenty more holiday gifts guides coming your way this month!

Sun and fun

iPhones and iPads are great... dropping them in the sand or surf really, truly isn't. That's why we never go near the beach or poolside without a waterproof case. Both the Overboard and the Aquapac have a lot to recommend them. Aquapac's design makes it a little easier to see through but Overboard has just turned it up a notch with a new model complete with waterproof headphones. Hot tub. Ready. If we're not so much swimming as hiking, we want something a little more secure and for that we like the Golla Bag. Tons of styles, tons more functionality.

Nothing harshens our vacation mellow more than overcast skies and rainy days, so we use Weather Channel Max or AccuWeather.com to keep as up-to-date and informed as possible about the climate. Both are US-centric, however, so if you're traveling outside the states, the quality and quantity of information declines. If there's a golf course nearby, V1 Golf or Golfplan with Paul Azinger can help tune our swings either before travel or between hitting the links. Need a few good books to get us through a hard day's lounging? We like iTunes or Amazon gift certificates so we can download iTunes movies, TV shows, and iBooks or Amazon Kindle books. iBooks is frankly the better reading experience but Kindle has a much bigger library and works on a wide range of devices, so it comes down style vs. quantity and compatibility.

Home for the holidays

When we're heading home for the holidays, and that means snow and pine trees, we keep the same waterproof cases we mentioned above handy in case our iPhone or iPad takes a tumble in the snow. And since we don't want our fingers frozen, we also pack a Pogo Sketch stylus. Yeah, Steve Jobs hates them but he lives in California, not the frigid north. We also love our SCOTTeVEST cold weather gear since it looks great and has room for tons (and we mean tons of iOS and electronic gear. Lastly we pack a stereo BT headset with some serious base. It's great for the slopes... and for drowning out in-laws and other assorted family members (don't judge us!)

When we're on the slopes, iTrail Map 3D is a great way to keep track of what we've done -- as long as we have a good GPS signal in the mountains. Speaking of GPS, both Apple's Find my iPhone (part of MobileMe) and iHound are lifesavers if you lose your iPhone or iPad while traveling. Just go to the nearest other iOS device, or any internet-enabled computer, log in, and track it down. MobileMe offers a lot of other features, like Mail, iDisk, etc. but has a much higher annual subscription price to go with it. And when we need to entertain the little ones, we pull out How the Grinch Stole Christmas, or one of the other Dr. Seuss or Disney books.

On the Town

When we're spending the holidays in the big city, the first thing we make sure of is that we have a lot of power to get us through the day. The Griffin TuneJuice 2 will take care your iPhone or iPod touch, and any other iPod you might have. If bling is more your thing, than the Case-Mate Barely There Chrome Case will match any lights the big city can throw at it. And to keep walking and talking, we're currently hooked on the Jawbone Prime Bluetooth headset. For serious noise, like clubs and pubs, we turn to the HP HX1 Endeavor.

When we want to get our munch on, high-end style, ZAGAT TO GO is our go-to. If we need to know about more than just food, there almost always a Lonely Planet Guide for that.

  • ZAGAT TO GO [iTunes link ]
  • Lonely Planet travel guide apps [iTunes link]

Your picks?

Remember, you're part of Team TiPb too, so if you've already picked the perfect gift for your iPhone or iPad business user, or have the perfect idea for one, let us know in comments!

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