More on iPhone MMS: Got Mobispine?

Remember that rumor from MacWorld Sweden about iPhone MMS? That Telia was going to launch their own App for the iPhone? Turns out there is an MMS App launching and Telia will offer it, though it actually originates with Mobispine.

Mobispine AB (MOBS) the market leader in delivering mobile solutions to operators announced the availability of the world’s first true Multimedia Messaging (MMS) for iPhone. Mobispine is now offering a “white label” MMS service for iPhone to global operators. This new and innovative service will increase revenue per user (ARPU) and generate profits for operators.

So will there be an AT&T branded MMS App in the US? Rogers in Canada? O2 in the UK? Etc.? Will some carriers opt not to get involved? If so, do we then hate on them rather than Apple? Or should things like MMS not depend on carriers or 3rd parties, but be baked right into the OS? (Or should MMS just be left to die so Email can inherit the mobile future as well?)

(Thanks to Tobbe for the tip!)

Rene Ritchie

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