iPhone 16 Pro Max is going to get taller

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The iPhone 15 isn't even here yet, and the rumors around the iPhone 16 continue to bubble and boil. This most recent rumor makes the iPhone 16 Pro Max a fair bit bigger than some of the phones that have come before, with an increase from 6.7 inches to 6.9. That's going to come in both a slight increase in width and also a hefty increase in height.

There have been rumors about the size of the device before, but now 9to5Mac has created mockups based on CADs that it received. This lends more credence to the next, next iPhone over simple rumors and conjecture.

An even LARGER iPhone?

The screen increase will come from an increase in the width of around .5mm, and then an increase in height of a much larger 5mm. That will increase the total screen size of the device by around .2-inches, which will make the Pro Max model feel even bigger in hand.

The non-Max model could well grow as well, as analysts Ming-Chi Kuo and Ross Young have both stated in the past, although there is less evidence to say that it will.

There aren't too many more rumors as to the iPhone 16 – apart from one big one. It could be the first iPhone with chips made using the 3nm process, in turn making it more powerful, and more efficient. As with anything that's coming over a year from now this is completely unconfirmed, but if true, it could be the biggest boost iPhone has seen for some time.

Before that, however, the iPhone 15 is still yet to come out and rumors around that handset are perhaps more prevalent – from every model getting Dynamic Island, to a new look for the Pro models.

Both models are unlikely to make an appearance at WWDC – but iOS 17 might, so keep an eye out for any news, as it might shape how iPhones look for the coming year.

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