It's not just you, Snapchat is currently down

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What you need to know

  • Snapchat is currently experiencing issues.
  • DownDetector shows the app's servers have been having issues for the last two hours.
  • The outages seem to be focused in the U.S., but reports coming in from all over the world.

It's not just your Snapchat stories that can suddenly disappear without notice. The same thing's happening to the company's servers, as numerous reports of outages flood social media.

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DownDetector shows the outages started around 10 PM Eastern Time, with a peak of over 15,000 reports at around 11 PM.

The web service tracker also shows that most of the complaints originate in the U.S. Though, it does seem like the outage is more widespread than that, since some of the reports also originate from Australia, Western Europe, and South America. The larger concentration of reports in the U.S. could simply be because that's where the majority of Snapchat users are located — or because Americans complain more than others. 😛

The company has acknowledged the issues and says it's working on a fix:

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