iTunes and App Store terms and conditions stuck in infinite loop, locking out customers

Apple has update the terms and conditions of iTunes and the App Store tonight, and it seems to have caused a recursive bug for some users -- the TOC pops up again and again, in an infinite loop, and you just can't get past it.

I haven't had the new TOC pop up for me at all yet, but based on the number of tips we're getting, a lot of you have, and lot of you have been bitten by the bug.

Hopefully this is something Apple can fix on the server-side so everyone can get back to downloading If you're experiencing the infinite fail loop, let us know, and if it gets fixed or you figure away around it, let us know that too.

Update: Looks like it's fixed!

Rene Ritchie

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  • Yes, I've gotten bit by the bug. Got a notice that I had an app update, and when I went to install it, got the notice that terms and conditions had changed. When I accepted them, it went to the iTunes page for the app, and when I hit update on that page, the terms and conditions came up again. Trying a power cycle now to see what happens. Have Sprint iPhone 4s w/64gb.
  • Reboot, power cycle, etc will not fix it. Tried iTunes and same with Term and Conditions on there also. It's a server side issue that only Apple can fix it seems.
  • Yep have restarted and still stuck
  • Dang, and I going to try and find a replacement app for the iOS 6 map app tonight as well. Hmmm, maybe it's a conspiracy......;)
  • Bah. Glad it's not just me. Driving me nuts!
  • Ok it's not just me, icloud has also been extended to 9/30/50, woo hoo.
  • This is happening to me too, very frustrating.
  • Same issue iPhone 4 sprint.
  • Same bug here, so frustrating. I hope I don't get charged a zillion times for all the times I accepted while trying to buy a stupid app, lol.
  • Stuck in loop on three different macs with 3 different OS and 1 iPad.
  • Same here. Reboot, hard reset, logged out of store on iPhone, extensive troubleshooting, all to no avail. I'll bet someone just got called into work in Cupertino... What a way to start the workweek. I figure they have 4-5 hours to fix this before bad PR hits in the east coast.
  • iTunes Terms & Conditions stuck at One Infinite Loop trying to download new apps to my iTunes Library. <insert Infinite sad-face loop here>
  • infinite loop on TOS for itunes on my PC, MAC, and iphone. have not tried every device, but my guess is that it is across all itunes accounts.
  • Just tried it on my iMac running Mt. Lion. Same old s**t....
  • Yup, stuck here too. Ios 5.1.1 verizon. Wake up apple.....too many issues
  • Tried everything imaginable and nothing is working. Talk about frustrating
  • Got this annoying bug can't do any updates!
  • I'm having the same problem! Jive!
  • It is happening to me too!
  • I have tried everything except read all 65 pages of terms and conditions! I did page thru a few and did get closer to success but still stuck in loop.
  • Ugh yes! My wife ordered some legal documents via her iPhone (ios5) and it asked her to print out a form and mail it in (safari). Since we don't have an AirPrinter, I was gonna download a print to PDF app, but we got stuck in this loop..... Then (of course), memory in Safari dropped her page and we weren't able to recover it.... Ugh... At least we got a screen shot.
  • I've got the same thing. Update or install new app both get me the loop.
  • I feel like Captain Kirk as he's screaming out "Kaaaaaaaaaahhhhhnnnn!!!!!". Damn you, infinite loop. It has to be someone's idea of a bad joke!
  • It happened to me once, so the second time it came up I tried scrolling all the way to the bottom of the TOC and then clicked Agree. It didn't come back after that...
  • I hope I don't get charged6 times for the album I was trying to purchase.
  • LOL It's not working yet!!!
  • It's working for me now.
  • Wait seems to be working now!!! Give it a shot!!!!
  • Same here... I used to have my devices with Jailbreak, today I decided to buy a gift card and buy apps from there after restoring the device to its original software and this is what I get...!!!! LOL...!!! What a night!
  • Me too! YAY!!!!
  • Not working iPad 2 iOS 6 this really sucks!!!!
  • Got the bug! So annoying g but at least I know I'm not alone!
  • Now it's working after a Long time of wait
  • Try clearing cookies and history. Worked on our iPad and iPhone 4s
  • i was stuck in loop. connected to pc, went to itunes store, went to "check for available download" i music file was pending there and after it finished was able to update apps again...
  • Working :D
  • It's working for me now.
  • Same here, waiting for a fix....
  • It's working on my iMac now. I did have to accept the terms and conditions, but after that it started working.
  • Working now for me. Now, to wait and see if I was charged for all those clicks lol!
  • same here, but apparently its already running normally.
  • Was trying to update my wife's iPad and got this. Finally got annoyed and just watched Breaking Bad instead. Glad I gave up and glad it wasn't just me!
  • Me too, At&t 4s
  • Hi,
    From the day one of iOS6 there is another bug in App Store. It's very well described in Apple support forum with number of threads. Basically, when you go to Purchased tab in Updates, and press it, iPhone goes in infinite loop for some time, an than AppStore app crushed . There is for some reasons connected to iPhones more than other devices. I wrote a letter to Apple, and after 4 days (much more than 48 hours like they said in the automatic replay), they answered that they are aware of problem. It looks like that only part of Apple ID's have this problem. I have US ID which works normally and European (Croatian) ID which has problem. Also in support forums there is a lot of people with US Apple ID which has a problem.
    I'm sorry because I used this theme to talk about another, but it seems to me that is basically same kind of Apple Store bugs problems.
  • Good input. Regards to you and the land if the cravat!
  • I was stuck in loop on IPhone 5 on wifi. Switched to 4g and accepted terms. Download worked.... Switched back to wifi, all ok now!!!!
  • I've been having problems with iTunes Match (on my phone only) most of the day. First, I got a message saying that my subscription had expired and to renew on my computer. Of course, it hadn't. And iTunes Match was fine on my Mac. When I finally got it to recognize my account, it wouldn't reload my playlists. Finally, it did. Then, it got funky around downloads -- downloading some playlists but not others and, as I later discovered, not retaining them on my phone. Only a few hours after those issues, did I experience the TOC thing, I was able to stop the loop, but I haven't been able to download anything since. The Music app acts as though it's downloading and playing, moving swiftly from track to track, but nothing actually downloads and nothing plays. And the two playlists that are actually on my phone (one downloaded four or five days ago and one downloaded this morning) don't play properly: the track that shows as playing is not the track that plays. This issue is still ongoing, despite numerous iTunes Match toggling, repowering, etc. P.S. I tried switching to 3G as someone suggested; made no difference. P.P.S. Seems to be working now...!
  • We need iOS 6.1 very bad. It needs a major bug fix update. I still have the dropped wifi issue. If I turn off cellular data, it still drops, but I am not using up data.
  • You on Verizon? Seems an update for "cellular über alles" was just pushed.
  • I saw the new terms and conditions, but never has a problem after accepting them.
  • I had a problem accepting the terms and condition on my phone and went into the infinite loop. So I just went to my itunes and accepted the T&C there. Then I went back and tried to update my apps on my phone and all was well. :)
  • My 4 decided that it needed to be activated again. Now it is in a loop where I can't use any part of the phone. I have tried activating the phone and I keep getting the message the activation server is down. I don't like when devices just decide to lock you out. That shows how little control we have of our devices. This would be enough for me to switch to the android OS, but they probably are under that same control these days. It is like, one flip of the switch and we all could be in the dark. Apple forgets who really owns these devices. John
  • USA iTunes acct holder in central Europe. Got the t&c doc, read about half if it, got bored, accepted, no problem. This transpired about 10 min ago just before coming here.
  • I closed down all apps rebooted and luckily mine works fine now - whew!
  • I clicked on 'Email' the agreement and was able to move forward.
  • I got it to work finally by clicking through every single one of the 65 pages... what a pain in the rear.
  • Same issue here. Tried to update iPhoto and iMovies with no luck just stuck in the loop.
  • The iTunes terms @ conditions infinite loop is not resolved. I'm kicked into it when I try to play tunes from iCloud match on my ipad 3. the whole library of tunes are listed on ipad 'music' but just try to play when and the loop is initiated. What can ce done?
  • [SOLVED] (For jailbroken idevices) Simply respring the device with apps such as "Activator" from the cydia store.
    Edit - the idevice doesn't need to be jailbroken. There are ways to respring without jailbreak.
    -tested on ipod touch 4th gen ios 1.6.3
  • Update: happening again today (one year later). Infinite loop of agreeing to the new iTunes Store conditions.
  • It's not fixed. I have an iphone 5--old, I know, but in trying to update one of my apps, I am caught in the loop. It's 2016 now. Please fix it!