KFC begins rolling out Apple Pay support to its restaurants

How to use Apple Pay on iPhone and iPad
How to use Apple Pay on iPhone and iPad (Image credit: iMore)

KFC has announced that it has started accepting mobile payment systems like Apple Pay at some of its restaurants. Mobile payments will be accepted not only at the counter in KFC locations, but also at drive-thru windows.

From KFC:

Kentucky Fried Chicken® announced today the adoption of mobile pay in U.S. restaurants, allowing customers to pay in seconds for their real meal hand-prepared in every KFC® restaurant. The new system is compatible with Android Pay, Apple Pay and Samsung Pay and is available in some restaurants beginning now, with system-wide adoption completed by the end of the summer.

The chain, known for its fried chicken, is just the latest company to bring acceptance of NFC payments to its stores, following the likes of McDonald's, Macy's and more.

Accepting mobile payments is just one part of KFC's efforts to modernize its restaurants. Other initiatives include redesigns of KFC locations and employee retraining.

Joseph Keller

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