Kindle Unlimited expands to Canada for $9.99

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Kindle app

Amazon's Kindle Unlimited subscription books service is expanding to Canada for $9.99/month. The service, which offers a library of more than 750,000 books from which to read previously launched in the United States and the United Kingdom at comparable pricing.

If you're interested in giving Kindle Unlimited a spin now that it's available in Canada, you should know that there's a 30-day free trial available (unless you live in Quebec, where there is no such trial — sorry, there are 15,000 French-language titles to help sooth your wounds, at least) if you want to see what it's all about first. And, of course, you can check out the library of available titles in Kindle Unlimited (opens in new tab) if you'd like to peruse that before making the jump.

Source: Amazon

Derek Kessler

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  • The only thing more arbitrary and frustrating than Amazon is Quebec. :( This is nice, but I don't see any of the newly-announced comics on here. I'd love for them to expand their Prime subscription to include Instant Video for Canadians.