SpeakingPal English Tutor is a new iPhone and iPad app that teaches you how to speak English. It uses speech recognition and each session is less than 2 minutes long, making it a quick way to brush up on your English skills.

Learning to speak English has never been easier. 2 minutes a day is all it takes - try it and be amazed!

  • Interactive video dialogs
  • Voice activated (uses speech recognition)
  • Control the dialog flow with your answers
  • Role play a character
  • Get feedback on how well you spoke
  • Feedback is given for each sentence and each word
  • Color-coded scoring for easy evaluation
  • Listen to a native speaker to compare with your speech
  • Less than 2 minutes for each session
  • Listening units with snappy comprehension questions
  • Progress page to track your improvement
  • Share your recordings and scores with your friends

SpeakinPal English Tutor is available on the iPhone and iPad for free.

[App Store link]

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