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What you need to know

  • Legacy Google Voice is shutting down in February.
  • Google is warning Google Voice users that some features won't move over to the new "modern experience."
  • Carrier Call Forwarding is just one of the features that are going away.

Google's popular telephony service Google Voice is undergoing some changes and its legacy version will close next month. Google says it's moving users over to its new "modern experience" but that there are some features that will be lost as part of the transition. Carrier Call Forwarding is just one of those features, but there are more that users might want to be aware of.

9to5Google reports that Google is now emailing users to warn them that a number of features will die soon, whether they were being used, or not.

You are receiving this email because you have a consumer (personal) Google Voice account and are one of the few remaining users using a legacy web feature that may be impacted as we complete the migration of all Voice users to the modern experience (which launched in 2017).

Despite saying that it has spent years migrating what it would call "key features" to the new experience, there are still some that won't move over with the full rundown reading:

  • Do Not Disturb Timer
  • Ring Scheduling
  • Settings for Carrier Call Forwarding: Carrier Call Forwarding will no longer have a setting. It will still be possible to forward calls from another carrier to your Google Voice number, however, all carrier forwarded calls from your linked number will go directly to voicemail.
  • Call Notes: Call Notes were removed from the legacy web version in 2020 and will be deleted and no longer accessible through Account Takeout after March 31st, 2022. If you want to preserve the notes you have, you must download your data before March 31st 2022. To learn more, read Remove notes from Legacy Voice.
  • Voicemail-only accounts: Users with Voicemail-only accounts will need to update to a Full numbered Voice account and update your carrier forwarding to use your new Google Voice number. To learn more, read Upgrade from legacy Google Voice (voicemail only).
  • Purchasing calling credits in non-USD currencies: Since consumer (personal) Google Voice is only available to U.S. users, by the summer of 2022 all non-USD credit balances will be automatically converted to USD when their account balance goes below 0.50 in your current non-USD currency. It will only be possible to purchase new credits in USD and auto-recharging in non-USD will be disabled. To learn more, read Buy credit to make calls.
  • Additionally, Call-to-Listen Voicemail Access, when turned on will require pressing "*" once your Voicemail recording starts playing. This will trigger the audio prompt that asks for your voicemail PIN which must be entered in order to listen to your voicemails.

While the loss of Carrier Call Forwarding is set to be the biggest issue for legacy users, that list is well worth checking out if you're in that category. Those who will miss the forwarding are being told to port their number across instead.