Die-hard Pokémon GO players will likely be familiar with the Go-tcha wearable and last year it was given an upgrade with the release of the Go-tcha Ranger. It integrates the Go-tcha's auto-catching capabilities for Pokémon GO with that all-too-essential PoGo accessory — a portable power bank. Right now, avid trainers can snag the Go-tcha Ranger for half price at Woot as part of a one-day sale on tech favorites. It's usually $50 at Amazon.

Woot has a standard $6 shipping fee you'll have to add to the price, though you can get around that by logging in with an Amazon Prime account.

Go-tcha is an accessory for Pokémon GO that replicates the functions of the official Pokémon GO Plus device, allowing to your to interact with the mobile game without having to use your smartphone screen. Where it differs from the GO Plus is that it can spin your Pokéstops to collect in-game items and even catch Pokémon for you without you having to press any buttons.

We took the original Go-tcha to task in our in-depth review, praising its more low-profile design. The addition of a battery pack with integrated charging cables is ideal for keeping your phone powered up on those intense Community Day events. Go-tcha products are unofficial, however, and it may not be supported in the game forever.

If you're wanting to level up quickly in the game, it is recommended as it makes it super easy to play without needing to use your phone actively. Pokémon GO players will also want to check out our roundup of all of the other in-game cheats and hacks that will help you get ahead faster.

If you want to stick with the officially-licensed products, check out the Pokémon GO Plus or the Poké Ball Plus — a Nintendo Switch controller for Pokémon: Let's Go! that also works as an accessory for Pokémon GO when you're on the move.

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