LifeProof SEE Case with MagSafe review: Tough protection in a slim, colorful package

Lifeproof See Case Iphone 13 Pro Lets Cuddlefish Hero
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Bottom line: The SEE Case with MagSafe is one of the slimmer options from LifeProof, but it still offers incredibly durable and rugged protection up to two meters. It also comes in various fun colors and is made with 45% recycled plastic.


  • +

    Slim, lightweight profile with tactile buttons

  • +

    Full MagSafe compatibility

  • +

    Made with recycled materials

  • +

    Fun colors with contrasting accents

  • +

    Withstands impact up to two meters


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There are many people out there who use their favorite iPhone without a case. I am certainly not one of those people. Ever since I shattered the screen on my original iPhone, I have learned that it's always better to have a case on, especially if you have butterfingers as I do.

There is certainly no shortage of iPhone cases in the wild. I like something that is relatively slim but still very protective against drops and bumps. I also like it when the case is simple to install and remove if I need to clean my device or want to change to something else (it's like underwear for me).

LifeProof is a well-known brand. I associate LifeProof with its reputation of waterproof cases. However, they were always a little too much for me in terms of protection. I don't go swimming with my iPhone 13, after all. But when I saw the SEE Case, I was intrigued. For a brand that is popular for super rugged and heavy-duty cases, the SEE is an incredibly durable and protective case for the everyday.

LifeProof SEE Case with MagSafe: Price and availability

Lifeproof See Case Iphone 13 Pro Lets Cuddlefish Front

Lifeproof See Case Iphone 13 Pro Lets Cuddlefish Front (Image credit: Christine Romero-Chan / iMore)

Right now, you can purchase the LifeProof SEE Case with MagSafe on Amazon or direct from LifeProof's website. It comes in four different colors: Black, Anchors Away (Gray/Orange), Let's Cuddlefish (Purple/Pink), and Sofishticated (Blue/Green). The retail price for the case is $60, though there is also a non-MagSafe version for a little less.

If you purchase directly from LifeProof, they will also donate $1 to one of its water-minded nonprofit organization partners. So you do not only get a great case, but you're also making a difference.

LifeProof SEE Case with MagSafe: Slim, lightweight, tough

Lifeproof See Case Iphone 13 Pro Lets Cuddlefish Camera

Lifeproof See Case Iphone 13 Pro Lets Cuddlefish Camera (Image credit: Christine Romero-Chan / iMore)

Like some other cases from LifeProof, the SEE Case with MagSafe is made with 45% recycled plastic materials. Plus, if you buy direct from LifeProof, a small $1 donation will be made to a nonprofit, which helps you feel good about your purchase.

Even though the SEE case is made with a good chunk of recycled materials, you wouldn't be able to tell the difference. The plastic on the back is relatively rigid, but the front has excellent rubberized bumpers to protect the front screen. It's a one-piece shell design, making it super easy to get it on, but taking it off is also quick and straightforward. I appreciate this because I often take my phone out to clean or just change it out to a different case (it's part of the job!)

This case is slim and lightweight, but it offers the same tough protection LifeProof is known for.

The LifeProof SEE Case with MagSafe is quite slim and lightweight so that it won't add much bulk to your iPhone 13. And because the case is plastic, it will smoothly slide into your pant pockets without issue. In addition, even though the front lip is rubberized, it won't snag or get lint stuck to it like silicone.

If you get one of the fun colors besides black, you'll find bright-colored buttons that contrast nicely with the case body color. Speaking of buttons, they also have a nice tactile feel when pressed, which I love. I have used many different cases, and one of my biggest pet peeves are button covers that make it hard to press the power and volume buttons, or if they just end up becoming squishy (shudders).

There are precise cutouts for the camera bump, charging port and speakers, and the mute toggle. Sometimes cases have fairly deep cutouts for the toggle, but the LifeProof SEE Case with MagSafe is the perfect depth — I can switch it on and off without having to dig in there. The camera cutout does stick out a bit, but honestly, there isn't that bad of a wobble if you set it on a flat surface.

The camera cutout sticks out a little, but there isn't much wobble if you place the phone on a flat surface.

The front lip is a pretty good thickness, but it shouldn't push up on your best screen protector if you aren't using an edge-to-edge one. The lip thickness does not interfere with edge swiping either.

And since this is the MagSafe version, it has full compatibility with your favorite MagSafe accessories. The recycled materials don't interfere with the strength of the magnets, as I found my MagSafe accessories to have a strong hold while using this case.

LifeProof SEE Case with MagSafe: A little pricey, branding

Lifeproof See Case Iphone 13 Pro Lets Cuddlefish Side Button Branding

Lifeproof See Case Iphone 13 Pro Lets Cuddlefish Side Button Branding (Image credit: Christine Romero-Chan / iMore)

Honestly, there isn't much to not like about the LifeProof SEE Case with MagSafe. I think the most significant negative is that it is pretty pricey. However, you may find it for a lower price now and then at some retailers.

It's a little expensive for plastic, and it's not free of branding.

Another thing I'm not that fond of is branding on cases — I prefer if there is none. The LifeProof SEE Case with MagSafe has very subtle branding on the side with the power button, as you can see "LIFEPROOF" depressed into the plastic. There is no other branding on the case. Still, if you prefer not to have branding on your phone cases, this is good to note.

LifeProof SEE Case with MagSafe: Competition

Casetify Magsafe Leather Case Mickey Mouse Hero

Casetify Magsafe Leather Case Mickey Mouse Hero (Image credit: Christine Romero-Chan / iMore)

There is certainly no shortage of them on the market when it comes to the best MagSafe cases for iPhone 13 Pro. If you want MagSafe but prefer leather over plastic, then you could try CASETiFY's MagSafe Leather case. CASETiFY offers a wide range of leather colors, and you can also add a fun design or pattern to it and even customize it with your initials. It's not a cheap option, but there are many choices to make the case truly yours.

If you need even more heavy-duty protection, then consider the Survivor Endurance for MagSafe iPhone case. This one is also made with recycled plastic, is antimicrobial, and can withstand drops from up to 14 feet. It's also quite slim and lightweight, though the looks may not suit everyone. It also comes in fun colors and is slightly less than LifeProof.

LifeProof SEE Case with MagSafe: Should you buy it?

Lifeproof See Case Iphone 13 Pro Lets Cuddlefish Front Lip

Lifeproof See Case Iphone 13 Pro Lets Cuddlefish Front Lip (Image credit: Christine Romero-Chan / iMore)

You should buy this if ...

  • You want a durable and protective case
  • You prefer a slim and lightweight profile
  • You like having a splash of color

You shouldn't buy this if...

  • You're on a budget
  • You don't like the colors offered
  • You prefer leather

For those in the market for a tough and durable phone case that's also slim and lightweight, the LifeProof SEE Case with MagSafe is an excellent choice. It has drop protection up to two meters, which should be plenty for the average person. And if you like fun colors, the SEE Case has a few choices to pick from, and the non-black options have nice, contrasting button covers. Finally, even though the case is made with recycled plastic, it's pretty flexible, making it a simple affair when you need to take it off and put it back on.

However, like other LifeProof cases, the SEE is not inexpensive. It's quite pricey for a plastic case, but it's very durable and protective. And while the branding on the case is subtle, it may be enough to bother some who want zero branding on the case exterior itself.

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