Little Nightmares 2: Tips and tricks

Little Nightmares 2 Switch Thin Man Tv
Little Nightmares 2 Switch Thin Man Tv (Image credit: iMore)

Little Nightmares 2 is a horror platformer where Six comes back with a new friend, Mono, and getting through their adventure will be easier with these Little Nightmares 2 tips and tricks. Players control Mono while Six is around to help. With these two cute characters, players need to complete various puzzles to get through to the end of one of the best horror games for Nintendo Switch.

You don't have to read spoilers to get some help on what the right direction may be for the puzzle you're facing. We've got your Little Nightmares 2 tricks and tips to keep an eye on!

Litte Nightmares 2 Tips and Tricks: Look for glitches, the good kind

Little Nightmares 2 Glitching Remains

Little Nightmares 2 Glitching Remains (Image credit: iMore)

The environment in this game is beautifully made, so make sure to look around and slow down while you play. This is not only to observe the brilliant details placed throughout the game, but also because you may find a hidden area with glitching remains. If you get all the glitching remains in an area, you earn a trophy for that area. If you get all the glitching remains throughout the whole game, you access an alternate ending.

The glitching remains are these shadowy child-looking figures hidden throughout the game. When you see one, all you have to do to collect it is to walk into it. It then seems to merge with Mono, taking over him for a moment with a static sound.

While you're looking around you may also find the collectible hats. There are 12 hats in total. With both the glitching remains and the hats, you can use the chapter selection feature in the main menu to see how many in each area you've found and how many remain.

Litte Nightmares 2 Tips and Tricks: Slide to safety

Little Nightmares 2 Slide

Little Nightmares 2 Slide (Image credit: iMore)

When running from enemies, especially in this game, you may wish you could get away faster. In many cases with Mono, you'll need to get him underneath a low surface to reach safety. This will be done much easier if you slide underneath instead of running to the surface and switching gears to crouch. To slide, just click "ZL" while running and Mono will go feet first under shelves, carts, tables, and other surfaces.

Litte Nightmares 2 Tips and Tricks: Objects are your friend

Little Nightmares 2 Chess

Little Nightmares 2 Chess (Image credit: iMore)

If you find things you can pick up, you may need these items to move forward. To solve some puzzles you will need to activate a trap to save yourself, hit a button, or break a wall with one of the objects around. It's worth it to pick up the item and carry it for a little bit to see if you may need it.

If you're using an item to activate a button there's another handy tip that may help you. When Mono gets close enough to a button, he will hold his arms up a little higher, as if he's getting ready to throw. It's a great visual cue so you don't waste time trying to find the sweet spot throwing too far back or too close.

Litte Nightmares 2 Tips and Tricks: Sneak a peek

Using the right joystick you can take a glance ahead or behind you. This can help you plan for what's to come and figure out where you want to run to, or just assure you that you're safe ... probably. It can also be helpful in case you have someone chasing behind you so you can watch and make sure they aren't getting too close.

Litte Nightmares 2 Tips and Tricks: Overall, observe

The main theme with all these hints here is to make sure to use your surroundings. This will ultimately help you escape, solve puzzles, and survive. Need more help or have other Little Nightmares 2 tips and tricks? Leave it in the comments below!

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