It's happened to a lot of us, I know. You're in a new city and you're hungry but you don't know where or what to eat. You delay the decision, growing edgier by the second and maybe even a little dizzy. Finally, you give in and order McDonald's or Pizza Hut or any fast food joint you can eat anywhere in this world when a great local spot was right next door. But of course, you had no idea.

With LocalEats, that scenario no longer exists. You're in a new city, you're hungry, you fire up LocalEats on your iPhone to find a great restaurant. You eat at said great restaurant. Don't be mistaken, this isn't a comprehensive food-review app like Yelp but rather a program that points you to the best restaurants when you need it most. To quote our own Dieter Bohn about LocalEats:

"It's [really] spot on!"

LocalEats uses a team of experts to find the best tasting restaurants in each locale. It's currently limited to 50 cities nationwide but there are plans for more. Click the Read Link to learn more about LocalEats or download the paid app HERE.