The popular password management company LastPass has been acquired by LogMeIn. The deal, which was announced by LastPass on its blog, is now complete. So, what does this mean for current LastPass users? The company says "great things!"

We will continue to build and improve LastPass for our free, Premium, and Enterprise customers. Together with LogMeIn, we'll be able to accomplish more, faster – providing an even better service to millions of people. As we become part of the LogMeIn family over the next several months, we'll be releasing updates to LastPass, introducing new features, and continuing to grow the service as we work to bring LastPass to millions more who struggle with passwords.

With the LastPass team joining LogMeIn, there will likely be more people working on building the service and implementing new features. LastPass says over the course of the next several months new features will be added to the app to further assist those who struggle with passwords.

Source: LastPass

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