What you need to know

  • Lyft is rolling out an update that will integrate New York City public transportation into the app.
  • The app will now show real-time subway and bus information along with City Bike locations.
  • The is an attempt by the company to quell a fractured relationship with the city.

Lyft is rolling out an update to its iOS and Android app that will add real-time public transportation information for New York City. The move, first reported by Bloomberg, is the company's latest effort to squash its ongoing beef with the city and public transportation.

Over the next few months, Lyft said users of its app will be able to access real-time public transportation information in New York City. The move marks another twist in the ride-hailing industry's fraught relationship with New York, which is both home to the world's most heavily used public transportation network and the site of a history of legal tussles between the companies and city officials.

The app update shows users the locations of nearby subway and bus stations, as well as docks for Citi Bike, theNew York bike-share program operated by Lyft. The features are part of a bid to keep users engaged on the platform, rather than navigating away to a different app for subway or bike information. It's a calculated bet that more info won't tempt too many people to take the train instead of calling a Lyft.

The app is will also integrate the Lyft-owned Citi Bike service that will enable a Lyft-public transit-Citi Bike commute options. The update is slowly rolling out to users and should available to everybody by the end of September.

Lyft is trying to make amends with city as an ugly battle with it has taken place as ride-hailing companies battle with the city and taxis services. A good way to do so is by highlighting the benefits of public transportation within its own app.

It's uncertain if the move will pay off, but New Yorkers who use Lyft will now have a new way to access public transportation info in conjunction to hailing a ride.

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