Manything's IFTTT channel teaches your old iOS device some new tricks

Manything has been allowing you to turn spare iOS devices into webcams for some time, and now with IFTTT, you can do even more. By building If This Then That-style recopies, you can turn on your Philips hue lights when the camera detects movement, start recording when you leave your house, and whatever else you can cook up with IFTTT's boggling array of channels.

Even on its own, you can remotely view and record video from an iPhone or iPad set up at home. You can set detection zones and get movement alerts while you're away, create time-lapses, save recorded sessions, and adjust sensitivity if your dog keeps setting the thing off.

Grab Manything at the App Store for free, or you can get cooking with the new IFTTT channel here.

Source: IFTTT

Simon Sage

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