New MasterCard ad features Apple Pay and Gwen Stefani

MasterCard has debuted a new Apple Pay ad featuring Gwen Stefani. The ad, which you can watch above, is a part of MasterCard's "Priceless Surprises" campaign that gives cardholders a chance to earn prizes by simply using their MasterCard.

The ad features Gwen Stefani firing off prizes from a cannon toward unsuspecting cardholders as they buy things using their MasterCards with Apple Pay. In a statement announcing the ad, MasterCard explained their choice of Gwen Stefani as a spokesperson:

"Gwen Stefani's personal brand, consumer appeal and sheer energy are what make her an ideal partner to serve as an ambassador for our Priceless Surprises platform," said Raja Rajamannar, chief marketing officer, MasterCard. "This platform has really taken hold and is inspiring a movement of Priceless Surprises whereby we're providing unexpected surprises to our cardholders and in turn they are sharing surprises with others in their lives. With Gwen's help we hope to further this movement."

Source: Mastercard; Youtube

Dan Thorp-Lancaster