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What you need to know

  • Some Banregio customers were able to add their cards to the Wallet app.
  • They had to change their region to an Apple Pay-supporting one first.
  • Cards from other banks were a no-go.

It looks like Mexico is going to get Apple Pay real soon after some users found that they could use a workaround to add their Banregio cards to the Wallet app.

According to people on Twitter and YouTube, spotted by 9to5Mac, they were able to add their Banregio cards to the Wallet app after they changed their iPhone's region to one that already supports Apple Pay. The card was added, but it couldn't be verified by the bank because the service isn't yet live.

That's promising news for those who bank with Banregio, but everyone else appears to be out of luck. Those trying to add cards from other banks were unsuccessful.

Apple Pay continues to expand to ever more countries, with Mexico still one of the odd ones out. This news likely means that Banregio will be gaining support soon, although it's impossible to say when that will be.