Outlook for iPhone and iPad is here — Office fans rejoice!

Microsoft has released a new Outlook app for iPhone and iPad, rounding out the Office experience on iOS. It's a fully featured email client, lets you connect not only to Office 365 but Gmail, iCloud and standard email accounts as well, and is worth downloading if you use the desktop version and enjoy Microsoft Office products. This new Outlook is based on Acompli, which Microsoft previously acquired. From the Microsoft Office blog{.nofollow}:

The new Outlook apps work great with Office 365, Exchange, Outlook.com, Yahoo! Mail, Gmail and other major email services. Find out more about the Outlook for iOS and Android apps here.For our Acompli users, Outlook will be a familiar experience, as we're developing the apps from this code base. You will see us continue to rapidly update the Outlook app, delivering on the familiar Outlook experience our customers know and love. To hear more about this journey, check out the Office Blog from new Outlook GM and former CEO of Acompli, Javier Soltero.

Outlook for iOS separates your inbox into two sections — focused and other. Emails deemed important by the app are loaded into your focused tab, while remaining messages are accessible via the other tab. It's all automatic, and moving email between the two tabs enables Outlook to learn which messages should be stored in the two sections. There's also built-in calendar support so you can have your email and appointments in the same place. There's also:

  • Customizable swipe gestures for archiving and managing emails conveniently.
  • Schedule Email feature temporarily removes email from the inbox and returns affected messages at designated times.
  • Predictive search hunts down email, files and people.
  • Integration with calendars.
  • Built with Android design features in mind.

Outlook for iOS is available as a free download for both iPhone and iPad owners.

Rich Edmonds