Microsoft updates Xbox Music with free streaming for tracks stored on OneDrive

Xbox Music on iOS has just picked up an update from Microsoft. The company has implemented a number of improvements, some detailed in a previous teaser. Strangely enough, Microsoft has chosen not to alter the branding of Xbox Music, but has gone ahead with the rebranding to Groove on its own Windows platforms.

The main changes included in this update are the ability to load in music stored on OneDrive, as well as the removal of the Xbox Music Pass as a requirement (some features will still require it). There's also offline playback functionality support for more devices and the usual bug fixing. Here's the full list of changes, pulled from the App Store listing:

  • You no longer need Xbox Music Pass to use the app! (Certain features still require it)
  • Music in your OneDrive music folder now appears as part of your collection
  • In addition to playlists, you can now download individual songs and albums for offline use
  • Filter your music to see just what's available offline
  • Various bug fixes

It's worth noting that the OneDrive music folder integration and streaming is in beta. Grab the update from the App Store and let us know how you get on.

Rich Edmonds