MLB At Bat 2009 Now Available

A few weeks back we reported that MLB At Bat 2009 [iTunes Link] would be available on April 3rd, well it seems it was pushed out a few days early and can now be found in the App Store. Most of it's features, however, will not be activated until April 6th. The biggest feature being, live Gameday Audio, from either the home or visiting team radio announcers, streamed directly to your iPhone. That feature alone should make this app worth the price of admission for all of you hardcore baseball fans.

So you have to be asking, how much will this cost me? For the entire baseball season including post season play this will run you $9.99. That really is not too bad considering in-game audio for the complete season, directly from the MLB website, costs $14.99.

So how many of you will be picking this one up? Let us know what you think!

IM Staff

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