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MobileMe down tonight, updated tomorrow?

Apple is taking MobileMe's web apps down for maintenance from 10pm to 12am PST tonight. MacRumors has heard this may just be to tweak the interface and add new functionality that:

will see the rolling out of several new enhancements, including an official launch of the redesigned Mail interface for MobileMe that has been available in beta form for the past month. Included in this rollout will be push functionality for the Web-based Mail client, providing real-time updating as messages arrive.Apple is also reportedly removing the MobileMe "toolbar" for the various Web applications offered by the service, replacing the toolbar with a single "application switcher" icon that will allow users to switch between Web applications.

They've also heard a dedicated, universal iPhone and IPad app for Find My iPhone is on its way as well. That would be a first, since Apple hasn't so far updated any of their existing iPhone apps for iPad.

I guess we'll see come tomorrow.

[MobileMe System Status (opens in new tab), MacRumors]

Rene Ritchie
Rene Ritchie

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  • Any idea if any portion will be free? (I know, wishful thinking!)
  • Is it free yet?
  • I herd you like find my iphone. So here is a find my iphone app for ur iphone so you can find while you iphone.
  • Do people actually use MobileMe?
  • I use mobile me everyday! Don't think I could ever go without it. Syncs all my apple products flawlessly
  • 7th! ¡YESSSSSSSSSS!!
  • What would be the point of a find my phone app, if you already lost your phone?
  • @ Eric
    It's an obvious joke.... =/
  • Wait a second... what's the point of a Find my iPhone app if your iPhone is lost?
  • omg...
  • I like MobileMe alot, got a family pack off eBay for 80 bucks and sold the extra 3 spots for 20 bucks each, cost me about 25 bucks for the year :-)
  • I honestly really like my MobileMe account. It keeps everything nice and organized which I am very OCD about. :-p So I am excited to see what the updates bring. I like the new mail format as well. The 'Find My iPhone' app... I will have to see what the point of that even is.
  • it has been updated.
  • The point of a find my iPhone app would be to use someone elses iPhone to help locate yours if you're not near a computer. It's a great idea really if you're on vacation or something of that sort and you lose your phone.
  • How am I going to find my iPhone with my find my iPhone app that is on my iPhone, if I don't know where my iPhone is? Am I missing something?
  • Mobile me syncs stuff between computer and iphone for $99. Since I carry my phone almost everywhere, whatever is on the phone is with me and does not need synchronizing.
    I can backup the iphone for free. My Gmail is synchronized ... for free. I already pay a fee to my carrier for X amount of uploads and downloads why pay more for Mobile Me to do the same also. Sounds like double paying.
    So I cancelled my free trial.
    .... and now I keep getting a message from MOBILE ME to reactivate. Since I edidn't pay anything i now have a FREE annoyance as a pop-up.
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