Apple Spatial Audio support is coming to LG TVs for built-in Dolby Atmos surround sound — and you can get 3 months free Apple Music direct from your telly

LG TV Spatial Audio
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Apple Music’s Spatial Audio has long been exclusive to Apple devices only — AirPods, the Studio Display, and the best MacBooks to name just a few. Now, however, some new products are getting the Apple Dolby Atmos treatment as LG rolls out support for the audio standard for its OLED and QNED models, now available when you listen to Apple Music on your set.

That’s only for TVs that already carry the ‘Dolby Atmos’ badge, although users without a TV with surround sound can use a Dolby Atmos LG soundbar to listen to Apple Music Spatial Audio.

Spatial Audio Apple Music from your TV

To celebrate the launch of the feature, LG is giving users of its smart TVs three free months of Apple Music so that they can get a proper taste of the surround sound music on offer on the service through their TV. LG says that “The 3-month free trial is available within the Apple Music app of compatible LG Smart TVs (2018 models and later) running webOS 4.0 and higher, as well as lifestyle screen models StanbyME, StanbyME Go and MyView Smart Monitor.”

You can, of course, still hook up your LG TV to a HomePod 2 or mini for more Spatial Audio support over Bluetooth, but this is a welcome addition to the LG TV line. The more devices that move to support Apple’s Spatial Audio the better, after all, as more people are able to access Apple’s increasing library of surround sound music.

The feature became available, LG tells us, on April 30 2024 in 137 markets, and is coming to the UK on September 1. You’ve got plenty of time to get the three free months as well, as the promotion doesn’t end until September 2025. If you’ve already had an Apple Music free trial then you won’t be able to get this one mind you, as with many of Apple’s free trials.

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