Apple TV 4K Prime Early Access sale sees massive $70 discount

Apple TV 4K (2021) with new Siri remote
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The Apple TV 4K is a superb piece of kit for your home entertainment, and fits tremendously well in Apple's ecosystem. However it is costly. Right now though, you can get up to $70 the Apple TV 4K thanks to a massive discount in the Amazon Prime Early Access sale, it's lowest-ever price!

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Apple TV 4K $70 off

Apple TV 4K 32GB |$179now $109 at Amazon

<a href="" data-link-merchant="Amazon US"">Apple TV 4K 32GB | $179 now $109 at Amazon

If you're looking for the best way to watch Apple TV+ then you just might have found it. It's got excellent surround sound support, as well as some HDR and Dolby Vision. Remember, however, that we said the best rather than the cheapest. The Apple TV is one of the more expensive TV streamers, costing, in some cases, $200 full price. This Amazon Prime Early Access deal doesn't necessarily make it 'cheap', but it certainly makes the most powerful streamer we've seen a whole lot more affordable. If you need a little more storage in your streaming box then you'll also find a deal on the 64GB model - it is <a href="" data-link-merchant="Amazon US"" data-link-merchant="Amazon US"">$129 at Amazon.

Apple TV+ is moving up in the world, and if you want to watch something like Severance in the highest quality possible, you're unlikely to find better options than the Apple TV 4K. The HDMI port on the back pumps out delicious 4K resolution footage, with support for HDR and Dolby Vision, as well as Dolby Atmos. The remote is a lovely little slab of aluminum covered with buttons, and the UI is simple and easy to use. This Amazon Prime Early Access Sale matches the Apple TV 4K's previous price, so you know you're getting a solid deal.

We also know where to find the best deals on a range of Apple products, like the best Apple Watch Deals and the best MacBook Air Deals, too - and stick around on iMore to see the best deals in the Amazon Prime Early Access Sale. We're tracking all the best prices to make sure that you can save some money in the run-up to the holidays.

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