Apple TV Plus is growing, but it's still not as popular as its rivals

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Just weeks after an entertainment expert claimed "no one is watching Apple TV", it appears the company's streaming service is growing.

According to research from JustWatch, Apple TV Plus now has 8% of the market share, which matches Paramount+. Apple TV is up from 7% from the previous period, suggesting that, despite suggestions to the contrary, it has grown by a single per cent.

For context, though, Apple still lags behind industry juggernauts Amazon Prime Video (with 22%), Netflix (21%), and Max (14%). Disney Plus sits at 11%, but JustWatch notes that it, Max, and Hulu dropped subscribers from the period before.

This follows on from another recent report that suggested Apple TV Plus has the highest-rated content of any streaming service.

JustWatch Streaming Charts for Q1

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Apple TV Plus' critical success

Since it arrived in 2019, Apple TV+ has grown over time but still offers significantly less content than rivals, with under 300 available at the time of writing.

Still, the company has seen big successes from a critical standpoint, if not always a commercial one. For All Mankind, Severance, The Morning Show, and Ted Lasso have all debuted on the platform, along with Silo, Slow Horses, and much more.

Given Apple's huge resources, it's perhaps not too surprising to see such an impressive calibre of content. The Telegraph reported that Apple's big-budget movie Killers of the Flower Moon grossed $137 million but that fell short of its $200 million budget.

Apple recently added more titles, including The Godfather, to the service.

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