People aren't fans of Sonos's new app — "Basically busted it so bad I can't even use it"

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Sonos produces some of the best smart speakers around, and at the heart of its product line is its app. Traditionally, that app has been just fine, but it’s been recently updated for users of the best iPhones — and users aren’t happy with some now calling it an “unusable” experience.

On a Reddit thread, user Gr8daze says “In my 40 years of using tech THIS IS THE WORST UPDATE I’ve ever seen.” Strong words indeed, although the more you read the thread the more users you spot who are having the same experience.

What’s happening with the app?

There are a range of different complaints about the app, ranging from general instability to random disconnections, and more. Gr8daze says that they have “Sonos in every room in [their] house”, and that Sonos “busted it so bad [they] can’t even use it”.

The main complaint seems to be that the app appears to be unfinished, rushed out of the door for some unsuspected reason. Some complain that it’s now unusable, with images of an app devoid of devices or streaming platforms.

Others are kinder, with one user asking their fellow Redditors to “chill with the hysteria”. As big users of Sonos and the app ourselves here at iMore, we can’t help but feel that this isn’t as widespread as the thread might make it seem — on our end, the app seems completely fine.

It will take some getting used to, but the app brings in some helpful changes to speaker connections and the way that it looks. It’s been brought up to scratch visually, and, in our experience, works a treat. That’s not to negate the user's negative experiences, of course — while we might not have any problems, mileages with massive app refreshes tend to vary across different users.

Either way, the new Sonos App is here to stay — and as the core application for many people’s smart audio setups, we hope that Sonos is able to get it fixed for affected users.

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