Slow Horses Season 4 release date confirmed — here's when Apple's spy thriller returns to the small screen

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Slow Horses season 4 will premier on Apple TV Plus on September 4, Apple has confirmed. 

Apple has also revealed a first look at its BAFTA-winning drama, which stars Gary Oldman and Jack Lowden alongside Kristen Scott Thomas, and more. As is often the case on Apple TV Plus, Slow Horses will drop its first two episodes on the premiere date, with weekly releases thereafter through October 2. That means we can expect another six-episode season, in line with the previous three. 

Slow Horses is an incredible espionage drama that tells the story of misfit British Intelligence agents dumped in an exile office by the name of Slough House. The team is headed up by Jackson Lamb (Gary Oldman), a weathered and scruffy veteran with a penchant for flatulence and deprecating his team of castoffs. Apple says season four "opens with a bombing that detonates personal secrets, rocking Slough House's already unstable foundations."

Slow Horses season four is on the way

Apple's first three seasons of Slow Horses are some of the highest-rated programs on Rotten Tomatoes, with one even scoring a coveted 100% score. The show has won two BAFTAs from nine nominations. As I recently fawned in an article after discovering the show for myself: "The drama and plot line are rip-roaring and intense, and even the quieter scenes are laced with suspense and intrigue, so much so that my Wife and I felt compelled to binge all six episodes of the first season in one sitting. Visually and stylistically the series is an absolute joy to view, too. Perhaps my favorite thing about Slow Horses, however, is how funny it is. I’ve already mentioned Lamb’s flatulence, which is a theme of the first season. Beyond that, however, Oldman’s character uncorks a series of absolutely first-class one-liners, and there are some brilliant moments of deadpan humor." 

If you've never watched Slow Horses, now is the perfect time to jam in its immensely watchable first three seasons before the fourth arrives. Apple TV Plus is available on all of Apple's best iPhones, iPads, Macs, and the best TVs for Apple TV, as well as the web. 

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