Netflix increases prices across the board


Netflix today increased prices on all of its streaming plans. Not by a lot, mind you — the biggest hit was on its most-popular plan, and even that was an increase of just $2 a month, or 18 percent. But we've yet to see the consumer who likes paying more for things, and so here we are.

Here's how the new pricing scheme breaks down:

  • Basic ($8.99 a month): Standard-definition content, one stream at a time.
  • Standard ($12.99 a month): High-definition content (1080p) and up to two streams at once.
  • Premium ($15.99 a month): Ultra-high-definition content (4K) and up to four streams at once.

The increase wasn't totally unexpected, and Netflix raised prices in Canada in November 2018.

Current plans don't appear to be affected yet, but expect that sort of grandfathering to phase out at some point.

Phil Nickinson

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