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What you need to know

  • Prices are going up for new and current subscribers.
  • Last price hike was nearly two years ago
  • Hike comes as Apple TV+ remains free for first subscribers.

Netflix is raising the monthly price of its streaming video service for U.S. customers. The standard plan is rising $1 per month while the premium tier is jumping by $2 per month. The higher prices are in place immediately for new subscribers beginning today, October 29, and being implemented gradually for existing subscribers based on a customer's billing cycle. Netflix last raised priced in the U.S. in January 2019.

The new prices are:

  • Standard, $14 per month
  • Premium, $18 per month

The Thursday price hikes don't affect the basic plan, which remains $8 per month.

Netflix's decision to raise prices comes a few weeks after Apple extended the trial period for early adopters of Apple TV+ by three months. Launched in November 2019, the service remains free for those subscribers until January 2021.