Eve expands its HomeKit lineup with new light switch, light strip, and power switch

Smart home accessories continue to grow in popularity, as does Apple's HomeKit accessories. Eve, formerly known as Elgato, has announced three new HomeKit-enabled accessories, including the Eve Light Switch, Eve Light Strip, and Eve Power Strip. All of these will have physical controls as well as the ability to be controlled using just your voice with Siri on your iPhone, iPad, HomePod, Apple Watch, and more. The light switch is designed to be a standard replacement, you take the old one out and put this new one in and it looks like it's the original one. You'll also be able to use third-party switch rockers and frames to make it blend in even more.

The LED light strip will have various pre-installed lighting scenes and will also give you the ability to set your own. Each strip will be 2 meters in length, and you can extend them up to 10m total. They output at 1800 lumens, providing a nice bright white and wonderful colors. Light strips have many use cases, from under cabinet lighting to bias lights for your TV. There are a bunch of LED bias lights out there already, but very few of them offer voice control and HomeKit support.

Finally, the power strip has three plugs that can be managed individually or all at the same time. This lets you take a single outlet and charge three devices, and it offers advanced safeguards to help keep your stuff protected as well. Inside the Eve app, you'll be able to track the usage, manage consumption, create schedules, and more. There are a few smart power strips out there right now, but most of them offer the ability to control the whole thing, and not individual plugs, which is what will really set this option from Eve apart.

Unfortunately, there is no release timeframe at this point, though Eve says that the light switch will debut at 99.95 Euro, and the light strip will be available for 79.995 Euro when available. These will be available from Eve directly, as well as Amazon and select other retailers. IKEA is also looking to expand its HomeKit product assortment in the coming months, which is a great things for those who enjoy having options!

Jared DiPane

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