New York authorities may start accepting Apple Pay for parking ticket fines

New York City authorities are looking into accepting Apple Pay - as well as other gateways - for parking fines, making it easier for those affected by the ten million tickets issued annually ($30 billion in revenue) to conveniently pay up. Should the payment gateway be supported, drivers will be able to use their iPhones to pay fines instantly.

Should the city's finance department opt to support Apple's service, an up-to-date system will be able to take advantage of technology available today, as opposed to paying via mail, online (reportedly not mobile friendly) or in person. It's also hoped the city will be able to cut down on late penalties for unpaid violations.

The idea would be to have the offender scan the ticket barcode, which would download ticket details and initiate payment using Apple Pay. While nothing has been set in stone, it's interesting to see more ways Apple Pay may be used and would be warmly welcomed by those who'd rather not fork out on fees for using their credit cards on parking fines. Other payment gateways being looked into include PayPal and Bitcoin.

Via: Marketwatch

Rich Edmonds