Niantic teases Lake Guardian Trio coming to Pokemon Go

You see that image up there? That's all the information we got from Niantic this evening via Twitter. Fortunately, those silhouettes are all you need to figure out what the cryptic message about new Pokémon headed to Go is all about. The tweet reads:

Hmm. We've been hearing reports of unidentified Pokémon. As Professor Willow looks into these reports, please let us know if you spot anything out of the ordinary in #PokemonGO.

We know the Pokémon being referenced here are the Lake Guardian Trio, super powerful beings that were missing from the initial rollout of Gen 4. Their names are Azelf, Uxie, and Mesprit, and if you've played any of the games or seen any of the shows during the initial Gen 4 rollout you know these can be a lot of fun to play with.

It's not clear right now how these new Pokémon will be rolled out, either through top tier rad battles or special research, but it's not likely to be particularly easy to get either of them. We'll know more soon, and will be sure to update you!

Russell Holly

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