Nintendo reveals Ring Fit Adventure as first game compatible with new Ring-Con accessory

What you need to know

  • Ring Fit Adventure will include both the Ring-Con and Leg Strap accessory.
  • This is a new adventure game, but with an added focus on fitness.
  • There are three other modes outside of the adventure: quick play: simple, quick play: sets and quick play: minigames.
  • Ring Fit Adventure will release on the 18th of October, 2019.
  • Ring Fit Adventure is currently priced at $80.

Nintendo has always been the pioneers when it comes to fitness games — everyone with a Wii will attest to that. For its new idea, however, Nintendo has gone a step further and introduced a very weird-looking Ring-Con that you'll be able to attach your Nintendo Joy-Con to.

Why? Because this is the controller that will control your progress in their new fitness game: Ring Fit Adventure. In Ring Fit Adventure, you'll be using the Leg Strap accessory, as well as the Ring-Con, to navigate your way through a world where a body-building evil dragon has caused chaos to the world.

To defeat this evil, and the enemies that are scattered throughout the world, you'll need to perform various exercise moves — whether that be yoga or HIIT, you're the hero in this sweat-inducing adventure.

But even after you've completed the story of Ring Fit Adventure, there's still plenty of ways for you to use the game as a way to do exercise — either by yourself or with friends/family. No matter which you want to do, you'll be sure to work up a sweat.

Ring Fit Adventure will be released on October 18 and is currently priced at $80.

Aimee Hart