Notability Math ConversionSource: Ginger Labs

What you need to know

  • A new Notability app adds support for link-based note sharing as well as in-page math conversion.

Notability is already the go-to note-taking app for many of us and a new update just made it even better. Version 10.2 not only adds a new link-based note sharing system but also makes it easier than ever to take math notes.

The new Link Sharing feature lets users take a note and create a link that can then be shared with anyone. The recipient can then view the note on the web and download the latest version, too.

That's pretty cool, but it's the Math Conversion tool that really caught my eye. The brainchild of Michigan-based STEM advocate Zach Reinke, users will be able to draw math equations in Notability and then have the app turn their drawings into scaleable images so they'll look "textbook perfect."

Math Conversion: This powerful feature seamlessly transforms your handwritten equations into hi-res scalable images. Even color-coded equations will retain the original colors, so your notes will look textbook perfect!

31 stickers have also been added to give math students easy access to imagery needed to begin their problem-solving.

STEM Formulas for Note Taking: 31 ready-to-use "stickers" for digital note-taking to solve problems in trigonometry, algebra, linear algebra and more.

All of this is available now, although the Link Sharing feature will be rolled out to users over the next few weeks, I'm told.

You can download Notability from the App Store now. It's a free update for existing users, while new users pay just $8.99.

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