OnePlus releases its own photography app called Reflexion

The team at OnePlus are busy launching the Android-powered OnePlus X, utilizing special events around the world to offer a unique purchasing experience. The company has also been busy working on a new photography app called Reflexion, which is now available for download.

The app isn't a OnePlus exclusive. In fact, it's available on both iOS and Android, allowing those on said platforms to explore contrast and harmony in moments captured throughout the day. All that's required is for you to take a shot using both the front and rear cameras on your smartphone and the app will work some magic.

Essentially, what the app does is takes the two captured shots and allows you to stitch them together. You'll be able to drag the photos or the "X" on-screen to create customized compositions. Like most apps these days, there's an easy social sharing option within to release your work to friends and family.

Interested to learn more? There's an official Reflexion website for that, not to mention the App Store listing.

Source: OnePlus{.nofollow}

Rich Edmonds