Original version of TestFlight app testing service shutting down in February

TestFlight has announced that the original, web-based version of their app testing service will close in February. Developers are receiving emails from the service, encouraging them to switch over to Apple's new version of TestFlight. Apple purchased Burstly, the company behind the testing service, almost a year ago, and the new version of TestFlight is now the official method for testing apps on iOS 8.

The old version of the service will cease operations as of Feb. 26, 2015, according to TestFlight:

The services offered at TestFlightApp.com will no longer be available after February 26, 2015. To prepare for the TestFlightapp.com closure, developers and team leaders are recommended to transfer their testers to the all-new TestFlight Beta Testing in iTunes Connect.

TestFlight has posted instructions on how to transfer testers over to TestFlight Beta Testing in iTunes Connect.

Source: TestFlight, The Next Web