The Pagaré smart band could add NFC payments to the Pebble Time

You may soon be able to pay for purchases with your Pebble Time smartwatch thanks to a startup known as Fit Pay and their smart watch strap. The Pebble Time line of watches can accept straps and bands that add functionality to the watch, and the Pagaré strap, currently on Kickstarter, is meant to add NFC payments. You can store all of your cards in the Pagaré Pebble app, with the hope of offering both a convenient and secure payment option.

To pay with Pagaré, just hold your watch to the contactless payment symbol on a properly-equipped card reader. You can choose between your cards by pressing the side buttons on the Pebble Time, and you can add more cards in the Pebble Time companion app on your phone. Also in the companion app, you can set a default card, add new cards, deactivate old ones, and check your purchase history.

The Pagaré Kickstarter is expected to end on March 9, with a goal of $120,000. Fit Pay expects to start delivering to backers starting in July. They also list the expected retail price of the Pagaré band at $89, though early backers can get one for as little as $49.

Source: Pagaré (Kickstarter)

Joseph Keller

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