Pebble's timeline feature headed to original smartwatches later this month

Pebble has announced that it will bring Pebble Firmware 3.0 to the original Pebble smartwatch soon. Firmware 3.0 introduced a new user interface, including timeline, which shows notifications, current activities, and upcoming appointments, weather, and more. The firmware first made its debut on the Pebble Time smartwatch earlier this year.

Pebble says that the firmware, which now stands at version 3.8, will be available to users later this month. In addition to timeline, Firmware 3.0 adds the ability to load more apps, and more. Pebble is currently asking for beta testers, however, the company says they are only accepting Android beta testers, as iOS restrictions prevent them from offering the beta to iPhone users.

Check out the video below to see timeline in action.

Source: Pebble{.nofollow}