Pebble bringing 'something special' to Las Vegas for CES

CES is right around the corner, and it looks like the folks at Pebble are taking 'something special' to Las Vegas for the world to see. Monday January 6 at 14:00 ET is the magic hour, as Pebble CEO Eric Migicovsky will take the stage and fire up a livestream.

With recent announcements of an updated SDK 2.0 and the Pebble app store inbound, it leaves us pondering just what the smartwatch team from Palo Alto could have in store for us. New hardware, maybe? We've no clue right now, so we're as anxious as the next person to find out what it is.

Of course, the Mobile Nations team will be out in force next week at CES. For everything that comes out of Las Vegas, be sure to bookmark the #CESlive landing page where you'll see everything from the iMore team, as well as all the great content from our sister sites. And for more on Pebble, be sure to check out the extensive feature on the brand new Mobile Nations site, Smartwatch Fans.

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Richard Devine

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