Pebble launches iPhone app, starts to ship first batch of smart watches

Pebble, the E-Paper smart watch for iPhone (and Android), has sent word that they've begun shipping their first set of orders. Before you get too excited, it's an incredibly limited shipment, less than 500 units today, with more to follow. But still, progress. Here are the production notes they emailed backers and posted on their Kickstarter page:

  • As of today, the factory is manufacturing roughly 800-1,000 Pebbles per day. We're working hard to get this up to our full capacity (2.4k per day)
  • We are shipping master cartons of Pebbles by air freight across the Pacific to our US distribution center 1-2 times per week, and 1-2 times per week to our Hong Kong distribution center which fulfills shipments to any country that isn't the US. There is a 5-7 day lag between a Pebble coming off the assembly line, and it arriving in a fulfillment center for shipping.
  • Right now, we're manufacturing in large batches of 1 colour at a time. Since black was by far the most popular colour, we started with a run of black Pebbles. I realize that this is different than what I said before...while we would have liked to be able to ship out all the colours at the exact same time, it's proven to be impossible. We're doing our best to match production of other colors as soon as possible.

To help expectant Pebble owners track their shipments, they set up

Also, the companion app for iPhone, which will let Pebble owners update software and change watch faces, just went live in the App Store.

  • Notifies you when software updates for Pebble ready to install
  • Installs and remove custom watchfaces onto your Pebble
  • Sends ping test messages to your Pebble
  • Helps you troubleshoot issues

The app is free but only works when you have the actual Pebble watch in your possession. (Though there's nothing to stop you playing around with it while you wait...)

If you ordered a Pebble, let me know which one, when it ships, and what you think of their fulfillment process so far.

Source: Kickstarter

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