Pebble scores a win with ESPN and the latest scores on your wrist

ESPN app for Pebble now brings the latest sports scores from your favorite teams to your wrist. Whenever a score is updated, your Pebble smartwatch will buzz and you'll see updates on your watch where the ESPN app will serve as a "wrist-top SportsCenter."

Users of the app will be able to track scores from MLB, College Football, NCAA Men's College Basketball, NFL, NBA and NHL teams. You can track multiple games at once and a flick gesture on the Pebble will force the app to update on demand while another flick will give you the current time.

The Pebble smartwatch app is currently available as a free download in the Pebble app store{.nofollow}.

Sports fans, are you excited to bring the action to your wrist?

Source: Pebble{.nofollow}

Chuong H Nguyen
  • The thing about Pebble is that the technology is so obviously a "dead end" road. It's playing the same role relative to smart watches, that the Palm Pilot did for the later Pocket PCs and eventually iPhones.
  • I love the new app it is light and easy to navigate. I like have scores at a glance. Sent from the iMore App
  • Dodgers win! Sent from the iMore App
  • This looks like *** - who wants a teletype on their wrist? It should have team logos so you can tell at an instant if youre looking at NBA scores versus NFl scores ... there's no indication what's at bat if it's MLB or even any other info - it's clearly just done to get it out the door - hopefully Appl'e iwatch interface will be designed by actual users - this is a joke or is pebble a sponsor?