Pebble smartwatch gets smarter with Do Not Disturb and alarm improvements

The Pebble smartwatch is getting a little smarter with its latest update, v1.14, which brings us a couple of useful new additions to the popular wearable. Anyone already familiar with Do Not Disturb on the iPhone or Mac will be pleased to know that you're now able to apply similar features to your Pebble.

Right from the watch, decide when you don't want to be notified of anything and it'll take care of it for you. Likewise you can decide which type of notifications you want, be that all of them, just calls, or nothing at all.

Talking alarms, you can now set multiple alarms, customize the snooze functions for each of them, and toggle each of them on and off without removing them completely. Oh, and bug fixes, there's a ton of bug fixes as well.

You should receive an update notification by way of the Pebble app on your iPhone, where you'll be prompted to install it. If you've already done so, be sure to drop us a line in the comments or the iMore Pebble forums and let us know what you think of it.

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Richard Devine

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