Pebble smartwatch now offering free global 5-7 day shipping

Pebble's big announcement today has brought a major update for iOS users, and so naturally you might be a little more interested in picking one up. To help sweeten the deal a little further, Pebble is now offering free 5-7 shipping to all global customers. A big improvement on the previous multiple week shipping time if you wanted it for free.

Previously 5-7 day global shipping would cost you, here in the UK it added another $25 to the price of the watch. So, if you're interested, head on over to the Pebble store at the link below and take a look. Non-U.S. customers can't get a grey one at present as it's showing as back-ordered, but all other colors are currently available. If you're buying, let me know which one you go for.

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Richard Devine

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