Pebble Time pre-orders will be exclusive to Best Buy in the U.S.

Pebble has announced that the Pebble Time will be available exclusively from Best Buy's website in the U.S. when pre-orders go live on June 22. Customers outside of the United States will be able to order the watch from Pebble's own website.

From Pebble:

Best Buy is teaming up with us to get Pebble Time on your wrist before arriving in stores. On June 22nd, customers in the US can pre-order Pebble Time exclusively at Pre-orders start shipping soon after.

Note that these pre-orders will just be for the standard edition of the Pebble Time. A release date has yet to be announced for the Pebble Time Steel, although Pebble says that it's coming soon. The company started shipping out the Pebble Time to Kickstarter backers late last month.

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Joseph Keller

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  • My prediction: no lines... ;-)
  • My prediction: those on kickstarter that still haven't gotten theirs yet order them through best buy and receive them before kickstarter edition request refund upon arrival of said "edition" lol Sent from the iMore App
  • Have there been shipping delays for Kickstarter backers? I got mine over a week ago.
  • Who is Pebble? JK. I am sure I will get some hate responses to that. Funny thing is I have already seen more Apple watches in the wild than all others in the last 2 years. Sorry other guys.
  • Do you have an Apple Watch? Posted via the Android iMore App!
  • Yes I do. Was thinking sometime ago to get another option but I held off once I heard some rumors plus what my boss said about his pebble.
  • No doubt Apple is selling oodles of watches. You noticing them in the wild could be another phenomenon. Like when you get a new (different) car and then notice how many of the same car you now see on the road. Posted via the Android iMore App!
  • I would normally agree however I have been in to watches over the last decade. So I notice everything that people wear.
  • You are not sorry. Instead, you like being a jerk who trashes every company in competition with Apple while whining like a little baby whenever someone says anything that is less than 100% complimentary. And whenever a company decides to compete with Apple by offering a similar product, you accuse them of copying and demands that the courts ban their products for infringement, and when the courts correctly refuse to do so, you claim that they are corrupt, taking bribes or whatever. But when Apple copies the products and services of someone else, you claim that Apple is "doing it better" even when the product isn't. Seriously, it is folks like you that cause people to despise Apple. Yes, Pebble has fewer products in the wild than Apple does. That surprises who? Pebble is a tiny company with like 20 employees that got started via crowdfunding. They don't have a billion dollars to blanket the world with advertising. They don't have the tech media fawning over their every move. They especially don't have millions of people like you who run out and get every product that they make even if other products are similar or better. And you know what? When you consider all the advantages that Apple has, the Apple Watch sales are actually - gasp! - underwhelming.With the billion iPhone and iPod owners, hundreds of millions of iPad and MacBook owners etc. you'd expect Apple to be selling more than 30,000 watches a day. The fact that they aren't is why Apple isn't releasing any sales figures, and won't until the next quarterly meeting. So Apple is moving more devices than tiny companies that don't get any media coverage and can't afford to advertise in print. Such a great accomplishment for them.
  • Chill out man. But I was right you are a hate response I was waiting for, however I am not the first person you have attacked.
  • Well I'm guessing your a pebble supporter. I will say they are up to like 70 employees now and have openings for about 18 jobs presently and 2 intern positions available anyways that's besides the point. I think  is great at something's and I like the fact most of the time my  products work, but and this is a big one sometimes I like to root for the underdog and help little guys try to be more. I think pebble is a great team of people trying to offer something different that people can use as a smart watch, but there big sell is that you already have your phone you like and it's great at what it does why try to replace it with another gadget. As for the other guy some people go crazy it's like they must live and die by their gadget they like and the company is writing their own personal bible verses for them. In my opinion people's gadgets are a part of them but we shouldn't be letting them dictate our lives or friends because it either. Maybe he needs a vacation from life and his  unit. Sent from the iMore App
  • Apple is selling 30,000 watches per day and they will release these numbers next earnings call? As long as we're making guesses and predicting the future, what is the S&P going to finish at for the year?
  • My original Pebble watch was "glitch city" so I sold it on eBay and bought an Apple Watch Sport Space Gray!
    I wouldn't waste my money on Pebble, especially when they're having financial woes! Sent from the iMore App
  • I've had a Pebble watch for some months now and it meets most of my needs. I like it a lot. I tried an Apple Watch (ordered it the day it went on sale) and returned it within a week.