Pebble Time Steel to begin shipping first week of August, steel bands may arrive separately

Pebble has provided another update in regards to the Pebble Time Steel shipments, and the company has stated that backers should start receiving shipping information in the first week of August. The smartwatches have left the production facility on July 27, and are making their way to the distribution points now. Originally, Pebble had hoped to include the additional steel band in the same shipment, but it appears as though that plan may have changed. Here's what Pebble included in the update:

  • All Pebble Time Steel backers will receive a leather band and matching metal band with their watches. The only change is the timing of the metal band delivery, due to the supply issues we mentioned.
  • Pebble is covering the shipping costs related to this revised delivery plan.
  • If metal band availability improves, we will take metal Time Steel bands and include them with reward watches in one shipment as originally planned, whenever possible.

If you backed the Pebble Time Steel, be sure to keep your eyes on your inbox for a tracking number to arrive.

Source: Pebble Kickstarter

Jared DiPane

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