Philips officially adds HomeKit support for Hue lighting with the new Bridge 2.0

Should you be on the fence, holding out for Philips to implement support for Apple HomeKit, we're pleased to relay news that the wait is now finally over. Introducing the Hue Bridge 2.0, Philips now lets you control your Hue home lighting setup using Siri with the newly refreshed bridge and updated iOS app.

Both new and existing Philips Hue lights can be controlled through the assistant, so long as you pick up the new bridge and update the official app on your mobile device. There's more good news for existing owners of a Hue bridge as Philips will offer you a 33% discount on the new Bridge on the official online store if you're looking to upgrade. This offer will run from November 1 through December 31.

The original Bridge will continue to be updated through software updates, but Philips notes that it will not support HomeKit. The company also unveiled new Hue bulbs that are brighter than the current 600 lumens bulbs, bumping the brightness up to 800 lumens. Both the new Bridge and brighter bulbs will be available for purchase from October 6.

$59.95 from Amazon

Rich Edmonds